Oversight Committee 2019-20


To be named


Wanda Brooks, COE, Educational Programs and Policies Commitee

Betsy Barber, STHM, betsyb@temple.edu, Budget Review Committee

Mark Rahdert, Law, 1-8966, mrahdert@temple.edu Personnel Committee

Rafael Porrata-Doria, Law, porrata1@temple.edu, Faculty Senate President


Graduate Board Representative: To be named




(Updated May 22, 2019)



To recommend action to the faculty in the event that the discontinuation, merge, or substantial reduction of a program, department, or college is under review for other than curricular reasons. Once it is convened, the Oversight Committee shall consult with the faculty members involved, study the effects upon other programs and colleges, hold hearings examine issues such as those listed in the Representative Faculty Minutes of March 27, 1994.

Upon completion of its deliberations, the findings and recommendations shall be submitted in writing to all University faculty and brought to the floor of the Representative Faculty Senate for discussion and approval of recommendations.


President Faculty Senate, Chairs of EPPC, Budget Review, Personnel Committees and a representative from the Graduate Board.


Variable, depending upon problems presented.