Lectures and Forums Committee 2018-19


Sarah Cordes


Quaiser Abdullah, COE, 1-6808, quaiser.abdullah@temple.edu, '21

Nathan Buonviri, BCMD, 1-8328, nathan.buonviri@temple.edu, '19

Sarah Cordes, COE., 1-6332, sarah.cordes@temple.edu, '21**

Tricia Jones, KMC, 1-7540, tricia.jones@temple.edu, '21

Sharyn O'Mara, ART, 8-9168, sharyn.omara@temple.edu, '21

Tim Patterson, COE., 1-2797, timothy.patterson@temple.edu, '21**



(updated October 4, 2018)




To allocate annually the budget for University-wide lectures and forums and shall advise the Provost on these matters. To administer the budget allocated to the committee for departmental, school and agency allocations, as well as for the committee's own program, and those programs of merit proposed during the course of the year. To set an annual theme for programs. To consider all proposals submitted by faculty, deans, department chairpersons, institute heads and student organizations leaders.

The Committee's modest budget is intended to assist departments and programs bring quality speakers to the university who can address issues of interest to a broad intellectual community. The Committee must discourage presentations that are unlikely to elicit a wide range of interest in at least several disciplines.

LecturesForums Proposal form


8 Faculty appointed by the FSSC


12-45 hours per year. Heaviest workload occurs in the Fall semester when proposals must be read.