General Education Executive Committee


Istvan Varkonyi




Istvan Varkonyi, Chair, 1-2855,

Deborah Stull, CST, 1-6140,, '14

Peshe Kuriloff, COE, 1-3341,

Vallorie Peridier, Engr. 1-7800,

Tom Wright, SMC, 1-1886,

Mary Conran, FSBM, 1-8152,, '16

Michael Hesson, CLA, 1-0538,, '16

Gerard Brown, TYL, 8-9181,, ' 16

Jill Swavely, (EPPC rep) Educ., 1-6120,

Anar Khandvala (Advising rep)


Student Representatives:

Michael Puppolo (Grad student)

Kevin Kuruc (Honors undergrad)

Andrew Simmers (TSG undergrad rep)



  • To coordinate broadly the work of the general education program;
  • o define and refine, with Provost approval, the intellectual criteria within each general education area;
  • To oversee the periodic fifth-year reviews of approved general education courses to determine whether they continue to meet general education criteria and whether they are effectively carrying out the purposes of general education;
  • To conduct such other studies and recommend such changes in policy as may be necessary to maintain the purposes and vibrancy of the general education program;
  • To participate in the generation and review of new courses for the program;
  • To evaluate and made decisions regarding waiver requests; and to provide regular reports to the Faculty Senate.


The committee meets twice a month.