Faculty Herald Advisory Board 2019-20


Chair: Terry Gill Cirillo

Editor: Paul S. LaFollette

Asst Editor: TBN


Terry Gill Cirillo, FSB, 1-3295, teresa.gill.cirillo@temple.edu, '20

David Mislin, CLA, 1-3177, dmislin@temple.edu, '21**

Karen M. Turner, KMC, 1-8386, kturner@temple.edu, '21**



Paul S. LaFollette, CST, 1-6822, Lafollet@temple.edu, '20***


Assistant Editor:



Former Editor - Ex-officio: vacant

At-large members: vacant


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(Updated July 19, 2019)


  • To make editorial decisions about the Faculty Herald;
  • To identify issues of concern;
  • To solicit writing;
  • To write articles;
  • To monitor ongoing effectiveness;
  • To report once a year to the Steering Committee on budget and other concerns;
  • To respond to recommendations and complaints; and
  • To recommend to the FSSC a candidate for editor every other year.


-9 Faculty appointed by the FSSC representing various schools/colleges and up to two members at large (passed by FSSC 9/26/95)

- former Faculty Herald editor as ex-officio, non-voting member.(passed by FSSC 04/15)



The committee will meet 7 times during each academic year - once before the first issue of the year, and once after each of the six issues during the year; in addition, committee members will be expected to perform the tasks itemized above. Time estimate is 2-3 hours per week.


The editor shall accept a two-year term that may be renewed. Board members shall serve for three years, and the board shall be formed initially in such a way that members rotate off every two years.