Council of Diverse Constituencies 2019-20


To be named


Nilgun Anadolu-Okur (CLA), Cmte. on the Status of Women, 1-8513,

TBN, Cmte. on Faculty LGBTQ Issues

Srimati Mukherjee, Cmte for International Programs

TBN, Faculty Senate Steering Commitee

TBN, Cmte of Status of Faculty of Color, 1-2960

Ken Thurman (COE), Cmte. on Faculty Disabilities Concerns, 1-6018,


(Updated July 19, 2019)


1) Facilitating discussion among faculty committees charged with the special concerns for diverse constituencies in the university community;
2) Making recommendations that enhance faculty's ability to meaningfully include students who identify with groups who have not been adequately represented on campus; and
3) Providing liaison between the faculty and university offices that provide support for diverse constituencies. The committee would include, but not be limited to, the Committee on Faculty of Color, Committee on the Status of Women, the LGBTQ Committee, the International Programs Committee, and the Committee on Disabilities Concerns.


Membership shall consist of six faculty members who represent appropriate Faculty Senate committees, both ad hoc and standing, to serve three-year terms with initial appointments to be staggered with two one-year terms, two two-year terms and two three-year terms. Initial appointees may be reappointed. No appointee may ordinarily serve more than two consecutive three-year terms.


(last update: October 6, 2017)