Community Learning Network


Eli Goldblatt


David Bartelt, CLA, 1-1233,

Sherri Hope Culver, SCT, 1-9716,

Karin Eryich, CHPSW

Barbara Ferman, CLA, 1-6276,

Eli Goldblatt, CLA, 1-1868 ,

Kim Goyette, CLA

Terry Halbert, FSBM, 1-6131,

Sally Harrison, TYL, 1-5429,

Maida Odom, SCT, 1-4267,

Pepon Osorio, TYL

Scott Shall, TYL

Jeremy Jordan, STHM, 1-8701,, '14

Pamela Barnett, TLC, 1-8761,

Cynthia Belliveau, EDUC, 1-4397

Dianne Butera, MED

Max Cuddy, CLA

Tchet Dorman, IDEAL, 1-5509,

Ken Finkel, CLA,

Cheryl Hyde, Asst. Dean, SSA, 1-7112,

Eustace Kangaju, FSBM

Michael Szekely,


The Community Learning Network will build on the diversity of research, development, and educational activities centered on community-based learning and collaboration at Temple University. The committee will also initiate new and innovative discussions that move the academic community closer to a collaborative relationship with our neighbors, especially in North Philadelphia and other areas around Temple campuses and programs, as well as throughout our regions. The committee will encourage and support dialogue and exchange vibrant and responsive community-based learning opportunities; information-gathering on current university-community activities; socially responsible research and creative work, teaching and service, and exploration of ways Temple can better contribute to the general well-being of communities.


The Community Learning Network (formerly Faculty Senate Committee on Community-Based Learning and Collaboration) shall be composed of at least 8 faculty members, broadly representing the Schools and Colleges of the University, to be appointed by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee. Administrators, staff, students and community members are expected to be advisors to the committee.


Note that the Handbook already mandates 3-year terms of appointments for the faculty members, for no more than 2 consecutive terms (5/11/07).