Bargaining Units Liaison Committee 2019-2020




Faculty Senate Representatives:

Tricia S. Jones, KMC, 215.204.7450,, '18

Bernie S. Newman, SSW, 215.204.1205,, '18


School of Dentistry Representative

Jie Yang, KSoD, 215.707.1579,, '18


School of Law Representative:

To be named


School of Medicine Representative:

To be named

TAUP Representatives:

Robert Pred, FSB, 215.204.6868,, '18

Joseph Schwartz, CLA, 215.204.7536,, '18

Jeffrey Solow, BCMD, 215.204.8025,, '22


3 Faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee

3 TAUP members appointed by the TAUP

1 Member appointed by the School of Law

1 Member appointed by School of Medicine

1 Member appointed by the School of Dentistry


Faculty are appointed for 3-year terms.


This is a committee that meets as needed to discuss matters of joint interest to the Faculty Senate and the various bargaining units which represent faculty at Temple University.



(Updated May 15, 2019)