TU Ready Partners


In order to respond effectively to these priorities the university frequently calls upon the leadership of the following members of its TU Ready advisory team:

Temple Police - Campus Safety Services Charlie Leone/ Michael McFall

Telecommunications Michael Taylor / Joe Leotti

Facilities Management Bill Malazita / Bob Siegfried / Andy Riccardi / Frank Connelly

Fire Marshals John Higgins / John Maule

TU Ready Project Initiatives Moira Stoddart /Kathryn D‘Angelo

University Counsel Michael Gebhardt

Business Services Richard Rumer

Student & Employee Health Mark Denys

Housing & Student Ops Michael Scales

Computer Services Larry Brandolph / Barbara Dolhansky / Sheri Stahler

Disaster Recovery Larry Brandolph

Risk Management Lisa Zimmaro

Provost & Academic Affairs Bill Wilkinson / Jodi Levine Laufgraben / Kristin Grubb / Vicki McGarvey

Domestic Campuses & University College Vicki McGarvey / Bill Parshall / Link Martin

University Communications Raymond Betzner / Hillel Hoffman

Environmental Safety Lily Lodhi / Kurt Bodison

Human Resources Sharon Boyle / Tom Johnston / Nancy Hinchcliff

Disability Resources (TBD)

Student Affairs/Dean of Students Stephanie Ives / Andrea Seiss

College & Academic Steven Lengkeek / Kevin Glass / Don Heller / Diana Breslin-Knudsen

Research Administration Robert Gage / Patti Russo

International Affairs Denise Connerty / Martyn Miller / Brooke Walker

Internal Audits Dale Venturini / Jim Bausman

Campus Planning & Space Management Margaret Carney / Dan Astran

Financial Administration Ken Kaiser / Jaison Kurichi