How to Register

Temple has multiple ways to communicate critical information including: TUsiren, email, text message and voice message. Each method is designed for a specific need. Take a moment right now and become TUready. Registering your mobile phone number and other information is the first step in receiving critical information in the event of an emergency. Instructions on how to register are detailed below for students and employees.

Need Help?

If you are having issues with registering your mobile number or receiving notifications the quickest way to resolve it is to contact the Help Desk.


Students & Employees

1. Log into TUportal.
2. Click Self-Service Banner on the left hand side under TUapplications.
3. Click Personal Information.
4. Select Addresses and Phones in the menu.
5. Review the information listed in the Phone Numbers section.
Make sure you have an entry for Mobile–Personal because TUalert notifications will automatically be sent to that number. To change the number, click the pencil icon to display the edit window. To add a Mobile–Personal phone number, click the telephone icon.


The TUalert notification system is designed to deliver critical information to our students, faculty and staff in an expedited manner. While we understand a parent's concern, our priority is getting information to the immediate Temple community. Adding parents to our system (that currently delivers messages to over 51,000 recipients) would delay this process.

However, when an emergency event requires ongoing communication over an extended period of time, information may be updated on the university home page and available on the university hotline (215.204.1975) following a campus closure or activation of the TUsiren. In addition, the university often uses social media to inform our extended community. Look for Temple University on Twitter.