Faculty/Staff Checklist

There are a number of important steps that you can take to be TUready:

Update your contact information in TUportal to be sure that you receive TUalerts.

Know your vocabulary:

Shelter-in-Place means to stay inside, do not evacuate and close all windows and doors until notified that the area has been deemed safe again.

Evacuation means to exit the location that you are in, quickly and calmly. Do not use the elevators. Look for anyone who may need assistance to safely exit the building. Go to the designated Rally Point to check in.

All Clear is the message that will be sent once emergency personnel have investigated the scene and determined that there is no known continuing threat to the community.

Add TUalert as a contact in your cell phone! This information allows you to identify when you are receiving a TUalert. These numbers do not receive calls.

  • Contact Name: TUalert
  • Mobile Number: 215-777-7777
  • Home Number: 24639

Familiarize yourself with the emergency Blue Phone locations, TUr Door and OWLoop transportation services, and program Temple Police into your phone (215) 204-1234.

Review the building plan where your office and/or classroom is located. Know more than one path to exit the building.