Evacuation Procedures

Campus Safety Services (including Temple Police and Security Officers) and Facilities Management serve as the university's officials for emergency procedures and oversight. All of us are responsible for following their directives in the event of a test or actual incident.

An evacuation is implemented under conditions when it is no longer safe for students, faculty and staff to remain in a building or a specific area in a building. This requires occupants to move out and away from a building to a designated building area of refuge or out and away from a specific area within a building. Most commonly used when there is a suspected fire or hazardous material spill in a building.

If you discover a fire or smell smoke, sound the building fire alrm. Fire alarm pull stations are located at each exit. The Security Person stationed at the lobby desk will call campus police when an alarm is transmitted. Campus police will notify the Fire Department, without delay by dialing 9-1-1.

Procedures to Evacuate:

  • When the fire alarm sounds, LEAVE AT ONCE. Close all doors behind you. Proceed into the fire exit and leave the building. After leaving the building keep moving for at least 200 feet and proceed to designated rally point. Do not reenter until given permission by the Police or the Fire Department.
  • DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. They will stop if power fails, causing occupants to become trapped. Elevator shaft ways are like chimneys. Smoke could enter the elevator shaft thereby asphyxiating the occupants trying to evacuate the building.
  • Feel the door that leads from your office to the corridor before opening it. If it is hot or smoke is seeping in, do not open it. If you become trapped in your office and cannot reach the fire exit, keep the door closed and seal off any cracks. Use a phone in the office to call the Temple Police (215-204-1234) or the Fire Department (911) and give the location of your building, the floor you are on and the office number (or name if number does not apply).
  • If the door feels cool, open cautiously. Be braced to slam it shut if the corridor is full of smoke or if you feel heat pressure against door. If corridor is clear, proceed with the escape plan.
  • A responsible person or persons that work in the area of the disabled should be assigned to assist in the event of fire. These persons are taken into the fire exit and will remain on the landing. Once situated on the stair landing, call Temple Police (215-204-1234) or the Fire Department (911). Identify which stairway you are in and which floor you are located. Be sure to inform them if you require special equipment to descend the stairs. Responders will not be able to utilize a motorized wheelchair but may have access to evacuation chairs for mobility impaired occupants. The Fire Department will arrive to assist.
  • If caught in smoke or heat, stay low where the air is better. Take short breaths (through nose) until you reach an area of refuge.


IMPORTANT: Keep all fire exit and corridor doors closed at all times. These doors are fire rated to keep smoke and heat from entering stairways and adjoining corridors. If at any time you observe these doors propped or tied open, please close them and report the location

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