Response Procedures

Response procedures vary depending on the nature of the incident. It is useful to review the types of emergencies described on this site as you consider when it is appropriate to evacuate a building and when it becomes necessary to shelter-in-place.

Students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to spend time reviewing the information provided on this TUready website. Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency can save precious time and reinforce good instincts. We have also linked to a number of training videos provided by FEMA, Homeland Security and other valuable sources to encourage members of the Temple community to be more educated about types of emergencies and understand how important your actions are in each scenario.

On at least an annual basis, Temple University will conduct tests of its emergency notification, response and evacuation procedures. During the tests, students and employees receive TUalert messages, hear the siren, learn the locations of the emergency exits in the buildings, the direction they should travel when exiting each facility and identify designated rallying points. The tests may be announced or unannounced. In conjunction with at least one test per calendar year, the university will publicize its emergency response and evacuation procedures.

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Campus Safety Services are responsible for coordinating our emergency response and procedures, and serve as key resources for TUready.