Building a Continuity Plan

The purpose of the initiative is to develop a sustainable, university-wide program to uphold the core missions of the university and restore its essential functions and systems which may become impacted or threatened during crises and episodes of service interruption.

Our dependency on technology is real – and so our Mission Continuity Plans are integrated with the university’s information technology disaster recovery plans (“DR”) in that they establish a priority for system continuity, reliability and recovery based on ranking. Similarly, our MCP database ("R1") allows plans to be integrated in order to identify interdependencies and prioritize recovery according to the most critical loss threshholds.

Planning in advance of an event will ensure that the university is prepared to respond to a major crisis, in order to resume operations as efficiently as possible, and mitigate the potential impact on the university.



Mission Continuity: Executive Steering Committee strategic planning document

PHASE I: Planning Life Cycle

TU Resilience: Governance

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