Campus Services

On any given day, more than 34,000 people transverse the campus for work, study, and recreation. Our goal at Campus Safety Services is to provide the resources and assistance for safe travel to and from the University.

These resources include:

Student Affairs
The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to design and implement initiatives, programs, activities and services that will engage the entire campus community to help students attain their educational, personal and career goals in a diverse, nurturing and safe campus environment. The Division is comprised of 15 departments, 300 full time staff, 20 graduate assistants, and over 200 student employees.

Shuttle Services
The Service Operations Unit of Facilities Management operates numerous transportation routes.
The OwLoop is available on a continuous route and makes stops at designated locations throughout Main Campus, including residence halls.
TUr Door provides direct service home within a set geographic area on Main Campus.

Parking Services
The Office of Parking Services manages garages and surface parking lots convenient to the campus.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
SEPTA offers a variety of transit modes to Temple University including buses, regional rail trains and the Broad Street subway line.