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Equipment Loan/Rental Policy and Agreement

  1. A student who anticipates the need to rent or borrow equipment from an outside source and have covered under university insurance policies must schedule an appointment to meet and discuss the renting/loan with the equipment office coordinator. The student and the equipment office coordinator will decide if an outside rental is necessary. Final approval will be obtained from the school operations manager. All SMC and departmental loan/rental policies and external rental house policies are applicable when the student uses external equipment. Failure to comply with this procedure will result in rental/loan not being covered under university insurance policy.

  2. It is the borrower’s responsibility to see that the equipment is in working order before accepting the equipment. It is the borrower’s responsibility to report to the Rental House staff any missing parts, visible damage, broken cables and operating problems at the time of checkout.

  3. Borrower assumes responsibility for the safe transport, use and storage of all equipment from the time it is checked out until it is returned. If equipment is stolen, broken or missing, the borrower is responsible for repair/replacement cost. SMC policy is that storing equipment in a vehicle is prohibited. Students may purchase personal property insurance as a safety measure. Contact the Office of Risk Management for details.

  4. If equipment is stolen, the student must file a police report with the proper law enforcement agency where the theft occurred within 24 hours. A written summary of the incident with an itemized list of stolen items, time and date must also be prepared. Reports must be submitted to the SMC Director of Operations, 215-204-4292,

  5. The student named on rental invoice must sign the form.

Download the Equipment Loan Form (PDF)
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