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Requirements for Insurance Certificates

There are two main areas of liability associated with the activities conducted by Temple University Film students.  They are general liability and property liability.

The General Liability policy of the University protects both the University and the film student while that student is acting within their scope of duties as such either during “shoots” here on campus or at any off-site location. It protects against third party actions in which bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage is alleged as a result of some action by the University or SCT/film student. 

Most of you, if not all, will need a certificate of insurance evidencing general liability during your studies at Temple.  Please request a certificate by emailing:

We need to receive your request at least seven business days prior to your scheduled filming.  Once you have provided all the required information we will begin to process your request.

For General Liability Insurance should include:

  1. Name of the film
  2. Student’s name who is requesting the certificate, and Student ID number
  3. Name and address, (no PO boxes), of each site the filming will take place, and the date (s) of filming at each site.

The property insurance policy protects the university and yourself against damage to property that you rent or lease during your film project.

For Property Liability Insurance (on rental equipment) should include:

First you must make an appointment with the TU Equipment Office;  215-204-1495, to discuss your equipment needs and fill out completely and sign the “Equipment Loan/Rental Policy for Film/Production Students.” A copy of this signed form must be scanned and emailed to us at

Then if you must rent equipment from an outside equipment rental company, we need the following information emailed to us at

  1. Name and address and email address of the firm they are renting the equipment from
  2. An email from the Rental Company itemizing a list of each piece of equipment, individual item replacement values, and total replacement value, your name as person renting the equipment, and the rental dates, date of pick up and date of return.
  3. Name of film, your name and TUID #
  4. And if the equipment is rented for more than one day, the name and address of the place where the equipment will be stored overnight.

I do not produce these in my office, so allow five business days for processing. For equipment rented from Temple’s Film Department, a certificate of insurance should not be required.


A student may sign a contract on behalf of themselves but cannot sign a contract on behalf of Temple University. A student has no authority to commit contractually on any contract on behalf of Temple University.

If you pick a site to film that requires a Contract or Agreement to be signed, it is important that you forward this agreement completely filled out (print legibly please) and it must be signed and dated by your instructor (the instructor’s name should be printed below their signature, then bring the original to:

Office of Risk Management & Treasury Department
Rm 615 Carnell Hall

Or email a copy to:
Risk Management & Treasury:

We will evaluate which additional signatures are required. We’ll call you, or email you when it is ready to be picked up in our office.

Again, this takes a number of days to complete, so you need to give yourself and us at least two - three weeks.

These documents frequently require negotiation, and cannot be completed on short notice.

Please, when planning your project, try to identify the locations far in advance to give adequate time for the review and approval process if a contract or agreement is required. Not all property owners are reasonable.  The University may not be able to agree to certain location requirements. We will make every effort to let you know as soon as possible if this is the case so you can make arrangements for a new location.


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