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International Travel

Students, Faculty and Staff can self-enroll in GeoBlue for Worldwide medical coverage

                  You will need your credit card when you enroll

  1. Log onto the GeoBlue website at: This link is also for Faculty and Staff.
  2. Go to the column on the right that says Enroll in your school or organization’s group plan
  3. Enter our group access code HPW-22868 and click submit
  4. Provide the participant enrollment information.
  5. The cost will be $23.00 for a two week minimum, for summer it's $60.00 and $190.00 for a semester.
  6. Program administrators will have the same access to the information of those students who self-enroll as they do to students enrolled by roster.

International SOS Emergency Program

There is a 24 hour travel assistance program available for all faculty, staff, and full-time students who travel abroad for research, for a University approved program, or as part of the undergraduate educational experience. The program is provided by Temple University and is administered by International SOS. This medical and security assistance program provides emergency response as well as online services and travel information.

Some program benefits provided at no additional cost include:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation/Return Home
  • Emergency and Routine Medical Advice
  • Medically Supervised Repatriation
  • Medical Referrals and Monitoring
  • Security/Political Evacuation
  • Legal Referrals

While International SOS makes arrangements, the following list of benefits are provided at additional cost:
Outpatient medical expense guarantee and payment (fees will apply)
Inpatient medical expense guarantee, cost review and payment (fees will apply)
Dispatch of medication and medical supplies (fees will apply)
Translations and interpreters (fees will apply)
Ground transportation and accommodations for accompanying family members (fees will apply)
Emergency personal cash advances (fees will apply)
Additional information can be found at:

Temple University Provides Business Travel Accident Insurance

Business Travel Accident Insurance

When you travel on University business, our business travel accident insurance provides benefits to you or your survivors. There is no cost to you for this coverage.

Benefits & Eligibility
If you die as the result of an accident while you are travelling on authorized University business, your beneficiary will be paid a lump sum equal to five times your annual base earnings up to a maximum of $500,000.

You are eligible for coverage under the policy if you are a University faculty or staff member on regular payroll in active employment and specifically directed to travel on behalf of the University. You are covered while traveling on University business as long as you travel to a site off University premises.  Trustees who travel on university business are also eligible for business travel accident Insurance coverage.

 Student Benefits
This policy also provides $25,000 in accidental death coverage for students traveling abroad on University-sponsored trips, as well as students participating in academic credit programs and internships in the United States.

What’s Not Covered
Like all insurance policies there are exclusions and conditions that limit coverage.  This summary is not intended to be a comprehensive policy document.

Leisure Travel

As a Temple employee you are eligible for a 20% discount on travel assistance through International SOS.  International SOS is one of the world's largest medical and security assistance companies, with more than 3,000 professionals in 24-hour Alarm Centers, international clinics and remote-site medical facilities across five continents.  Please call 1-800-523-8662 for more information.

Car Rentals on International Business Travel

Because insurance laws vary outside the United States, faculty and staff must purchase the liability and physical damage insurance offered by all rental car agencies while traveling internationally. Students may not rent vehicles when travelling abroad except in emergencies.

Going on Temple Business Trip? Think Twice about what you're taking with you

Please review supplies you are taking with you on your Temple business trip. A lot of government agencies like the Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) to name a few, are involved in creating rules on how certain materials can or cannot be shipped. This would include attempting to ship any item that is covered by specific transportation regulations by a courier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. This also includes attempting to transport such items in luggage or as checked packages on passenger aircraft.

Temple University has recently been cited and fined by the FAA when an employee on a university business trip checked luggage/packages onto a passenger airline that contained items that required specific transportation preparation and handling rules be followed.

So, if you plan on shipping anything that could be covered by the various transportation regulations, you need to attend training given by Environmental Health & Radiation Safety in order to ship your items legally and safely. Please contact EHRS, at 2-0106. Contact the department as soon as you know you want to ship something to allow sufficient time to determine your training status and how the package should be prepared and documented. In fact, even if you have attended the DOT course on shipping, you should still contact EHRS prior to making that shipment. Doing so will save you time and money, will ensure that your shipment arrives in good condition, and will help to prevent Temple University from receiving fines for improperly executed shipments.



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