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Reclassification Procedure (Abridged)

Application and Guidelines for Pennsylvania Residency Re-classification (PDF)

  • A student may challenge her or his non-resident classification by filing an Application for Pennsylvania Residency Re-classification. The Residency Certification Officer shall consider the application and render a decision.
  • Reclassification resulting from a student's challenge shall be determined by the date the application for residency was filed. For Pennsylvania residency application deadline information please click here:
  • A student who changes his/her domicile from Pennsylvania to another state must promptly give written notice to the Office of Academic Records.
  • A student under 22 years of age must promptly give written notice of any change in her/his parent(s) or legal guardian's address to the Office of Academic Records.

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Students who are misclassified as PA Residents are subject to retroactive reclassification as non-residents and are responsible for the payment of all related tuition and fees.

Students who are found eligible as a result of false or concealed facts are subject to University discipline and legal action and are responsible for the payment of all non-resident tuition and fees including legal fees.

NOTE: The University reserves the right to periodically audit and make any necessary adjustments in the classification of all students.