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Conwell Hall

Graduation Deadlines

The Application for Graduation should be completed online and adhere to the deadlines below to ensure that you will graduate on time.  Please be sure to meet with your advisor, resolve any incomplete or missing grades and have all transfer credits submitted prior to the start of your final semester. 
Information regarding commencement activities (such as time, place, invitations and rental of academic regalia) is available to students after they have completed the Application for Graduation.  Any questions regarding the commencement can be directed to your department.

May Graduation February 1st
August Graduation May 18th
January Graduation October 1st
Note: Earlier deadlines may be in effect in some academic units.

Neither the diploma nor the transcript will be released until all University tuition and fees have been paid.

Diplomas are mailed to the student's home address 6 to 8 weeks after the ceremony.