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Graduation Application

Once you have confirmed with your academic advisor that you are ready to apply for graduation, navigate to the graduation application on Self Service Banner (SSB). Please contact your advisor with any questions during the application process. Also, be sure to adhere to the application deadlines below.

To locate the Application for Graduation link:

1. Log into TUportal

2. Click on Student Tools near the top of the page

3. Navigate to the "Records" channel, normally located on the right side of the page under the "Registration" channel

4. Click on the Apply to Graduate button. After submitting your application, click on View Graduation Application to view the application status.

Term Application Deadline Diploma Name Change Deadline Degree Transcripted
Spring Graduation February 1st June 1 11:59PM ET Second week of June
Summer Graduation June 1st September 1 11:59PM ET Second week of September
Fall Graduation October 1st February 1 11:59PM ET Second week of February
Note: Earlier deadlines may be in effect in some academic units.

Degree Conferral

Shortly after the designated school or college official confirms the student satisfied the credential requirements, Office of the University Registrar transcripts the degree, major, minor, concentration, and/or certificate, and other approved academic achievement. Students with an Incomplete, a NR, or a MG grade notation will not have their credential transcripted. A student is not considered nor labeled a “graduate” until the degree is officially transcripted in the student information system.

Planning on attending commencement? Please visit the Commencement site for more information.

Diploma Issuance

Order official Temple University transcripts and replacement print diplomas via TUcredentials:

    Have an active TUportal account?
    Sign-in to TUcredentials.

    Don't have TUportal access?
    1. Activate your TUportal account.
    You will be prompted with a series of questions to validate your identity.
    If we cannot confirm your identity online, you will be required to submit a government issued photo ID to complete a manual identity review. Activating your TUportal account may take 7-10 business days to complete if a manual identity review is required.

    2. After signing into TUportal, click on TUcredentials to access transcript and diploma services.

The name appearing on the official diploma will be the student's legal name listed on the official academic record. Students must verify that their legal name is correct. If the legal name needs to be updated, students can submit a Personal Information change form. Unresolved financial obligations will prevent the release of the official diploma.

Professional school students will receive their diplomas at the time of commencement.

Undergraduate and Graduate students will receive their digital diploma 4-6 weeks after their school/college confirms the completion of degree requirements. After the digital diploma has been issued, students will receive instructions to request one copy of their print diploma at no additional cost.