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Grade Changes

Primary instructors may request grade changes electronically through TUportal using Self-Service Banner (SSB). This secure online workflow gives both faculty and students quick access to grade information.


To change a grade, instructors log into TUportal and select the Teaching Tools tab. Then, in the Self-Service Banner for Faculty channel, instructors click on the Change of Grade Request option. Primary instructors can request a grade change through SSB for a grade that was updated (processed/recorded) to a student's academic history within two years, as long as the student has not graduated. (Any grade change older than two years requires a memo signed by a final grade approver in the appropriate college and may be subject to Provost approval. This separate process is described below.)



When a request is submitted, approvers (Deans or Dean Designees) approve or deny the request in workflow on the TUportal. When the request is approved or denied, an e-mail confirmation is sent to both the instructor and the approver. If a request is approved, the student also receives a confirmation about the grade update. Students can then view their new grade in SSB. If a request is denied, students are not notified.

Also, to help keep track of requests, a summary showing the original grade submitted for a student and the revised grade is available. Click on Grade History to see requests that were submitted and approved.


For your convenience, an online demonstration of the Change of Grade process is available. The tutorial has a section for instructors on how to request a grade change and a section for approvers on how to approve or deny a request. Please click here.

Requesting a Change for an Older Grade
Requests to change a grade older than two years (or one that cannot be entered through workflow for another reason) must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar through a memo from the final approver explaining the request and reason for approval along with supporting documentation. Documentation should be sent to the Office of the University Registrar in a secured envelope, delivered by an employee (non-student status), or electronically through TUsafesend. Grade change information will be scanned and electronically appended to the student's record. (The Office of the University Registrar no longer accepts Change of Grade cards.)

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact your grading liaison or send e-mail to