Supplemental Academic Scholarship

The Supplemental Academic Scholarship (SAS) Committee is accepting applications for 2015-2016. Applications can be submitted up to May 1, 2015. The award is typically $2,000 per year and renewable until graduation should the recipient remain eligible and funding for the awards continue. To download and submit a paper based application, click here

Applications are also available in the RCLC (1700 N. Broad St), Financial Aid Office, and Advising Offices.


Applications can also be submitted online. See below.

Late, Incomplete or Inaccurate Applications WILL NOT be considered!



Supplemental Academic Scholarships (SAS)
The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust, Elmer Roe Deaver Foundation, PECO Scholars Program,
William Randolph Hearst Foundation, Wachovia Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund, Jessie Ball DuPont Fund

Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name:

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5. Age:

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8. Permanent Address
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Check if your local address the same as your permanent address.
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10. Phone Numbers
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Notify the Russell Conwell Learning Center of any change of address, phone number, or e-mail after you submit your application.

11.What High School did you graduate from?
12.What City and State was the High School located?

13. Marital Status

14.Number of Children
15. Residential Status
I Own
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16. Employment Status

How many hours per week (on average)?

17. In which school/college are you enrolled?
Fox School of Business
Social Work
Communications & Theater
Liberal Arts
Tourism & Hospitality Management
Music & Dance
Tyler School of Art
Environmental Design
Science & Technology

18.What is or will be your major?
19.How many credits will you have completed at the end of the Spring 2015 semester?
20.Expected graduation date:
21. Are you a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.?

22. Please check highest degree obtained by Mother/Guardian
Less than HS
High School

23. Please check highest degree obtained by Father/Guardian
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High School

24. 350 Word Essay Personal/Educational Goals: Please type or paste a brief autobiographical essay in the space given below which explains your personal, educational and career goals, any barriers you encountered or are facing in attaining your goals (educational, family, social, financial, etc.), any challenges you encountered getting into college and ways in which you overcame or are overcoming any barriers you encountered.

Word Count:

25. Résumé: Please type or paste your resume in the space below which outlines the activities in which you have been involved (volunteer programs, campus/community activities, leadership, etc.) and work experience.


Returning Students: You do not need to submit a transcript.

Transfer Students: You must bring an official copy of your transcript to the office from each college you attended (do not include your Temple transcript, we will secure it on your behalf).
Entering Freshmen: You must bring an official copy of your final high school transcript to the office upon graduation.

You must complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the appropriate office. The FAFSA is available at Temple University´s Student Financial Services Office.

Please note: If you are related to a former employee of the Quaker City Life Insurance Co., you may be eligible for preference for a Deaver Award, which was originally set up as a bequest for relatives of former Quaker City employees. If so, check here
and we will contact you for documentation.

By submitting this scholarship application, I grant Temple University permission to review and share with the funding agency my academic transcript and financial aid needs each semester so that Temple University may determine my eligibility for an award and provide the funding agency with required reports. I understand that if granted the award, I am obligated to send a letter of thanks to the funding agency for the award,submit a picture and biography, and attend the annual reception held to honor Supplemental Academic Scholarships recipients or I will forfeit my scholarship. I must also maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA (each semester and cumulatively) and complete a minimum of 12 credits each semester in order to retain my scholarship.

e-Signature (Type Your Name):
Date: (MM/DD/YY)

RETURN TRANSCRIPTS TO: Michael Stokes, Temple University, Russell Conwell Learning Center - Room 202, 1700 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122

For scholarship consideration, make sure each of the following is true:
I. This SAS application is completed , e-signed, and submitted to Russell Conwell Center on or before May 1, 2015 at 5pm with your autobiographical essay and resume attached. No postmarks will be accepted.

  1. This SAS application is completed on both sides, signed, and in the Russell Conwell Learning Center on or before May 1, 2015 at 5pm with your autobiographical essay and résumé attached. No postmarks will be accepted.
  2. Your FAFSA is completed by March 1, 2015.
  3. Your cumulative GPA (after Spring 2015) is 2.75 or above if you are a returning student, or if you are a new student (Freshman or Transfer) at Temple, you have attached a transcript of your previous educational records.
  4. You are registered for 12 or more credits for the Fall 2015 semester at the Fall drop date.
  5. You must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  6. You must be an undergraduate student during the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters.

You are strongly advised to hand-deliver your application. We are not responsible for lost/delayed items via the mail system. Please note that funding of the SAS Scholarships are contingent on the receipt of funds from our Funding Agencies, which will notify the SAS Committee in the Summer of 2015.

You will be notified by letter of the Committee's decision about your application by Sept 21, 2015.