Congratulations on your acceptance to Temple University and Welcome to the Russell Conwell Learning Center (RCLC). As a member of the RCLC family, you have at your disposal a wealth of resources and knowledge designed to enable you to reach and/or surpass your goals. You have joined a "Culture of Caring" where the RCLC staff and your peers are invested in your success. You are also a part of a socially vibrant community where your peers (current and entering freshmen) are inspired to learn. To accomplish your high aspirations, you must invest your time and energy to create the future you envision!

During the Summer Bridge Program (SBP) you will register for your fall semester classes which are determined by your major and your university placement exam results. Your placement scores will place you in the appropriate level of math and English in the Summer Bridge Program as well. At the close of the Summer Bridge Program, you will have the opportunity to re-take the Placement Exam, where an increase in your score could result in changing your course to a higher Math or English course (more than 75% of students typically test up into the next level course).

Your college career starts NOW as you prepare to enter the 2014 Summer Bridge Program (SBP). Your Summer Bridge experience will strengthen your academic skills, familiarize you with the campus, introduce you to vital campus resources, and quicken your social adjustment enabling you to make new friends and study partners. We are pleased to assist you in this venture and look forward to an exciting and productive 2014 -15 and beyond.

Summer Bridge: View from the Inside

The Student Perspective