The RCC Summer Bridge Program received a National Retention Excellence Award

The Lee Noel and Randi Levitz Retention Excellence Awards program was established in 1989 to honor the retention achievements of postsecondary institutions throughout the United States and Canada. Each year, awards are given to recognize the most successful, state-of-the-art retention programs in use at colleges across American. Those programs have displayed exceptional achievement and/or improvement in the realm of student retention. The nominees are judged on identifiable and measurable institutional outcomes, originality and creativity, use of resources, and adaptability for use at other institutions. Winners are selected by a national panel comprising leading campus-based retention practitioners.

The Russell Conwell Center (RCC) 2010 Summer Bridge Program, representing Temple University, is one of four institutions awarded the National Lee Noel and Randi Levitz Retention Excellence Award.The Temple RCC is a comprehensive retention center serving academically under-prepared University students.As they enter Temple University they are assigned to one of four RCC admission/retention programs; Act 101, Educational Services Component (ESC), Classic Student Support Services (SSS) or STEM Student Support Services. To facilitate the student's transformation into University Scholars, prepare them for the rigors of college, and build their academic skills, the students are required to complete a six week Summer Bridge Immersion Program. The program is comprised of three critical components: Completion of courses in Math, English, and Academic Seminar (more rigorous versions of the credit-bearing University course counterparts), connectivity to the RCC community, academic advisor, counselor, and program services; and university acclimation and adjustment.

Students who completed the Summer Bridge Program expressed increased confidence in their ability to succeed in college and in their preparedness for their courses.Examination of their pre/post scores on the University Placement Test revealed that more than 65 percent of the RCC students received improved post-test scores sufficient to place them into a higher level of English, Math or both. Finally, first fall to second fall student retention rates of Summer Bridge Program students highlighted the programmatic successes. Fall 2010 to Spring 2011 retention was 95 percent, both higher than the University averages.

Student self-reported end of Summer Satisfaction results also revealed very positive outcomes.F

For example:

TopicExtremely SatisfiedVery SatisfiedSatisfiedSatisfaction Total3 Year Average
1. RCC Course Advisement 35%35%29%99%97%
Program Helped me academically49%34%16%99%98%
I learned the skills necessary for success in college57%28%15%100%97%

The RCC staff continues to mine "Acres of Diamonds" preparing students for academic, co-curricular and career success. It is with deep gratitude that I congratulate the RCC staff for a job extremely well done!

Michael Stokes, Director