Emerging Scholars Program: The Pathway to Excellence

Welcome to the Emerging Scholars Program. Housed in the Russell Conwell Learning Center (RCLC) the Emerging Scholars Program is a University admission and retention program for talented high school students who have demonstrated academic promise and have the potential to be future University leaders and academic scholars, yet would benefit from the academic support available through the program. Annually, 300-350 freshmen are admitted to Temple University through the RCLC. While the Emerging Scholars are not required to attend Summer Bridge, they must actively participate in the academic year programming assigned to them. Should a student decide not to participate, they would miss out on the opportunity to learn and gain advice from upper-class scholars regarding campus life, university resources and networking opportunities. Our goal is to make sure that every student excels academically, as well as in their social, career and leadership development.

As a student in the Emerging Scholars Program, you will have a wealth of resources available to ensure you meet your academic and career goals. A team of experts will be assigned to support your educational goals including an Academic Learning Specialist, Undergraduate Academic Coach and Tutorial Specialist. Your support team will offer you a variety of services during the academic year such as educational and career workshops, leadership development, social events and monthly meetings. The services are designed to increase your academic performance, university adjustment, and community connection. Your Academic Coach will mentor you during the year, as well as show you how to capitalize and improve on your critical time management skills, collegiate study skills and develop a career pathway to graduation. Along with your Academic Coach, you will have access to tutors and all RCLC resources.

the academic year, you will register for a First Year Seminar, attend monthly Student Professional Development Training Programs, participate in tutoring for targeted Math, Science and general education courses, and meet with your Learning Specialist and Academic Coach who will develop an academic plan based on your academic interests, placement scores and abilities.

Student's Perspective