TUmarketplace Forms

There are various forms available on TUmarketplace. The below list summarizes all available forms and when they should be used.

Form Name
When to Use
Accounts Payable AP Invoice Payment Submit invoices to AP for Payment.
Campus Safety Services I-Police/Security Services Request Request security for events.
Campus Safety Services VIS Security Camera Request Request installation of security cameras.
Environmental Health & Radiation Safety Radioactive Materials Request Request radioactive materials.
Development Communications Development Communications Request communiation work from central Alumni & Development Communications.
Diamond Dollars Diamond Dollars Make non-cash deposit to a DD account.
Digital Document Services Digital Document Services Request copy/print services.
Facilities Management I-OFM Work Order - Main Request services from Facilities Management, Project Delivery Group, or Service Operations on Main Campus.
Facilities Management I-HSC OFM Work Order Request services from Facilities Management, Project Delivery Group, or Service Operations at HSC.
Facilities Management I-Surplus Work Order Request pick up or installation of surplus equipment (non-computer).
Human Resources/Payroll Personal Cellular/Smart Phone Reimbursement Form Request reimbursement for personal cell phone charges in lieu of having a university issued phone.
Purchasing Services Vendor Quote Submit a request for PO based on a quote obtained from the vendor.
Purchasing Services Laboratory Coat Order Gather information for lab coat orders.
Purchasing Services PO Change Request Request authorization to make changes to Purchase Orders.
Purchasing Services Purchasing Card Application Request a new Pcard, add or delete FOAPALs, change monthly spend limit, or cancel existing card.
Purchasing Services Create a Blanket Order Request a blanket order or contract in Contract Manager.
Space Management Space Request Request space on main campus.
Strategic Marketing & Communications Creative Services Design Only Request Request design services.
Telecommunications Smart Classroom/Conference Room Work Order Request AV installation.
TU Bookstore I-TU Bookstore Purchase items from the bookstore (not faculty book orders).
Office of University Counsel Contract Approval Request Submit contracts to University Counsel for review and signature prior to coming to Purchasing for a PO, if necessary.