Types of Purchase Order

The Standard Purchase Order

Purchase Orders for catalog and non-catalog ordering are initiated by a departmental purchase requisition in TUmarketplace.

  • The Purchase Order is generated by TUmarketplace and Banner.  Purchase Orders are sent to suppliers via fax or e-mail.

Blanket Orders

Departments may request materials or services directly from a supplier for repetitive purchases. The objective of a Blanket Order is to decrease the need for multiple blanket orders to a single vendor, eliminate the confusion of which purchase order to invoice and to charge the correct FOAPAL for each order placed by a department.

  • Requesting a Blanket Order
    • To request a Blanket Order, complete the "Request to Create a Blanket Order" form in TUmarketplace.
      • The request should include such information as estimated dollar amount, period of time the order is to cover, estimated commodity usage, suggested supplier.
    • Blanket Orders do not require a FOAPAL.
  • Departmental Responsibilities
    • Review the invoice for the blanket order and submit the invoice to Accounts Payable (AP) for payment processing.
      • Prior to submitting the invoice to AP, departments must indicate the FOAPAL to be charged and have the invoice signed by the appropriate signatory authority.
    • Monitor departmental spend as to not exceed the originally requested dollar amount.
  • Additional Important Information
    • Purchasing will combine requests to the same vendor and departments will utilize a single blanket order.
    • Vendors will be instructed to submit invoices for orders placed on the blanket directly to the requesting department.
    • Purchasing will monitor the blanket orders to ensure adequate funds available for payment processing purposes.
    • All blanket orders are subject to normal purchasing procedures including competitive bidding and auditing.
    • EXCEPTION - Hazardous Chemicals are never to be purchased via the Blanket Order process. Requests are routed through the Envirornmental Health and Safety department (2-2520).
  • NOTE: Blanket orders will not be issued to current TUmarketplace contracted catalog vendors.

Contract Commitment Orders

All contracts must be submitted via the Contract Approval form in TUmarketplace for review and signature by University Counsel.

Independent Contractor Orders

Approved Independent Contractors in excess of $5,000 will be issued a Purchase Order for capturing of the commitment and for processing payment.  See Policies and Procedures for complete detail.