Surplus Property

The University has adopted a central surplus property policy that governs how departments, schools and colleges should manage electronic and non-electronic assets that are no longer actively used. It establishes procedures for extracting additional value from those retired materials, and tasks the Temple Surplus program and the Computer Recycling Center with managing the collection, re-use and re-sale of the items.

When university departments, schools and colleges have items that are no longer in active use, they are responsible for scheduling a free pick-up with either the Computer Recycling Center (electronics) or the Temple Surplus program (everything else).

Follow these easy steps to schedule a free pick-up:

  1. Determine if the item is an electronic (i.e., computer, printer, television, etc.)
  2. If it is an electronic, complete the CRC's surplus equipment form.
  3. If it is not electronic, complete the Surplus Property Removal form on TUmarketplace.

For information on how to purchase electronic equipment, furniture, and other items, see the university's surplus shopping instructions.