Bid Process

Some goods/services are available using contracts that have been negotiated by Purchasing Services on behalf of the University in its entirety or a specific college/department. These catalog and contract manager vendors are found within TUmarketplace.

Purchases over $10,000 that do not fall into this category must be competitively bid in order to obtain a purchase order. This process must be managed and coordinated by Purchasing Services. Departments are to initiate the request for a bid by submitting required bid documents via TUmarketplace. Such documents may include a scope of work, a schedule, a specifications document, etc. Once the bid process is fully completed, Purchasing Services will issue a purchase order. No goods or services are to be received until the purchase order is issued.

The following is a summary of a typical bid process:

Bid Process

During the bid process, the assigned Buyer will work collaboratively with the requesting department and other University departments to ensure all issues and concerns are addressed.

Depending on current workload and complexity of the bid, this process can take up to a week for commodities, and longer for services, so please be sure to budget your time accordingly.