Approvals from Other Units

Depending on the goods/services being purchased, you may need to work with other University departments before obtaining a purchase order. The list below provides detail for when other University departments must provide input and approval before making a purchase.

  • Accounts Payable for questions related to invoice payment or utilizing independent contractors.
  • Business Services when the purchase involves the use of Temple's logo, other trademark/licensing related items, and food service/catering.
  • Donations, sponsorships, Department-hosted staff social events and the like require approval from the cognizant VP or Dean per directive from the Controller's Office.
  • Facilities Management for maintenance related items, and Project Delivery Group for capital project related items. Please reference the Capital Expenditure Request policy to understand when a CER is required.
  • Office of University Counsel when a contract or Professional Services Agreement is needed.
  • Information Technology Services to obtain approval for the usage of systems or software that connect to the Temple network/systems and/or require assistance in implementation, access to Temple systems data, review for duplication of existing applications and accessibility compliance (ADA compliance).
  • Information Security for requests that involve the capture and/or storing of personally identifiable information or access to University data.
  • Risk Management and Insurance if it involves minors on campus or you have questions related to required insurance levels.
  • Strategic Marketing and Communications when the purchase involves items related to branding, advertising, website development, and social media.
  • Ethics and Compliance if the purchase involves conflicts of interest.

The requisite approvals must be obtained from these departments before requesting a Purchase Order. For purchases requiring approval from Information Technology Services, ADA Compliance, Risk Management and Insurance, and Strategic Marketing and Communications, a purchasing pre-approval request must be submitted and approved. For approvals from other departments, please work with the department directly to obtain approval, and be sure to attach proof of approval to the TUmarketplace requisition. A Purchase Order cannot be issued without the required approvals.