Submitting a Requisition Through TUmarketplace

What is TUmarketplace?

Using a Temple Purchasing Card (TPC) in TUmarketplace

The Purchase Requisition

The Purchase Requisition is the vehicle of acquisition for materials and/or services created by a requester for purchases exceeding the $5,000 Temple Purchasing Card (TPC) limits. Catalog and Non-Catalog orders are placed via TUmarketplace.

Completing the Purchase Requisition

Information on how to complete a Purchase Requisition, in addition to many features available in TUmarketplace, can be found in the TUmarketplace User Guides located in TUportal. For access:

  • Log in to TUportal.
  • Click on the ? Help tab
  • Click the TUmarketplace link, which is the last link on the page.

Sole Source Suppliers

When an item is available from only one source, an order may be placed without competitive bids if a firm price can be established. A requirement for a particular proprietary item does not justify a sole source procurement if there is more than one potential bidder. The following are examples of circumstances which could necessitate sole source procurement:

  • The compatibility of equipment, accessories or replacement parts is the paramount consideration.
  • The sole supplier's item is needed for trial use of testing.
  • The sole supplier's item is to be procured for resale.
  • Public utility services are to be procured.
  • Specific items are called for on a grant or contract.

If a particular item from a specific supplier is required, the requesting department must provide justification for a Sole Source vendor by:

  • Attaching a Sole Source Justification Form to the TUmarketplace purchase requisition.
  • Including an internal note on a TUmarketplace purchase requisition.
  • Sending an email to the buyer assigned to the request.

Special Review and Approval

There are some requisitions that require special review and approvals prior to being processed by the Purchasing Department. These requisitions will automatically route to the appropriate offices by the TUmarketplace approval process. These offices are listed below:

  • Creative Services - requests for publications, brochures, or literature related to the image of the University or recruitment, in addition to printed materials that require creative services and/or production (not including scholastic information), should be submitted in TUmarketplace using the "Creative Services Design and Printing Request" or "Creative Services Design Only Request" forms.
  • Computer Hardware and Software - requsitions for computer hardware and software should be submitted through TUmarketplace. When submitting requests for software, please keep the following procedures in mind as these requisitions will not route to the appropriate offices by the TUmarketplace approval process:
    • All software required for a job function and/or class that will be used by more than one person will need to be reviewed and approved for accessibility in compliance with the Accessibility in Information and Technology Policy prior to submitting a request for purchase to Purchasing. Failure to do so may result in a delay in processing. A guide to accessible purchasing can be found at:
    • All software that will be hosted and/or require assistance from Computer Services for implementation must first be reviewed and approved by Information Security and Computer Services before Purchasing can complete the request.
    If assistance is required, end users can contact Purchasing at 215-204-6700 (1-6700) or email or

  • Capital Expenditures - See Board of Trustee Policy; 04.32.01
  • Radioactive Materials - requests are routed through TUmarketplace.
  • Hazardous Chemicals - contact the Environmental Health and Radiation Safety department at 215-707-2520 (2-2520).