All copy paper purchased must contain at least 30% recycle post consumer waste. See the Recycle Content in Copy Paper Office Memorandum for more information.  

Energy Star Certified Appliance/Equipment Purchasing Policy   

Temple University's Purchasing department adopted a procurement policy to purchase Energy Star certified products for all appliances and equipment where this rating exists. See the Policy Statement for more information.      

Green Initiatives

The following is a list of Enviornmentally Friendly options for frequently used products throughout the University:

  1. Guy Brown Products/Staples
    • Recyclable Drinking Cups (Item number 3599524)
      • 8oz. tall-style cup without handle that can be used for hot or cold liquids.
      • Biodegradable & Compostable
      • Made from 100% recycled paper
      • Uses no plastic packaging materials
  2. Staples Print Solution
    • All Stationery is printed on 100% post consumer content paper. This has been streamlined from the business cards to letterhead and envelopes.
  3. Rentacrate
    • An approved E&I vendor that provides products and services to ensure a faster and easier move process.
    • The crate is a specially designed reusable container that can be used in conjunction with a wheeled cart or alone as a tote (they are an excellent alternative to one-time use cardboard boxes!).
    • Temple University has successfully used the Rentacrate bins for dormitory move-in days and they can also be used by offices within the University for small or large moves.
    • There are several sizes for different needs, but all speed up the moving process dramatically.
    • With this system, it is possible to reduce moving expenses by up to 40%!
  4. Furniture
    • Many of the Purchasing Department's recommended furniture suppliers support manufacturers that are working towards Sustainability, LEED certification and are striving towards being enviornmentally responsible (This includes Steelcase, HON Haworth and many other Purchasing-endorsed furniture brands).
    • Contact Tarah Morris at 215-926-2015 (7-2015) before embarking on your next furniture purchase!
  5. Temple University's Computer Recycle Center
    • Need a basic computer but don't have the budget for brand new equipment? The Computer Recycle Center provides computer hardware in good working condition for minimal cost. Call 215-204-4779 (1-4749) or visit them online for more information.

Please contact the Purchasing department by emailing for more information on any of the products you see here.

Related Information
For more information about Temple University's Green Initiatives, visit the Office of Sustainability website.