The ProRanger Program

ProRanger Philadelphia is an academic and technical skills training and internship program that is cooperatively administered by the National Park Service and Temple University. The program was established to recruit and train law enforcement park rangers for the National Park Service.

National Park Service law enforcement rangers are sworn, commissioned law enforcement officers whose duties include detection, investigation and apprehension of persons responsible for criminal activity. Law enforcement rangers as also protect national parks' natural and cultural resources, educate the public about the parks and provide public safety services.

After successfully graduating from Temple University and meeting all program requirements and program standards, ProRangers are eligible for non-competitive conversion to a position as a law enforcement ranger within the National Park Service.

Students must apply for positions and be selected under the applicable hiring authority. There is no guarantee that a position will be obtained. It is, however, important to note that all previous students who have successfully completed Temple’s program have obtained employment within the National Park Service.

Selected ProRangers will become part of an experiential learning cohort of 12 to 20 trainees.

The program consists of the following elements:

  • Certificate in National Park Service Management
    • Certificate components (15 credits):
      • PRAN3001 - Professional Preparation Seminar for the ProRanger (1 credit)
      • PRAN1577 - Taken during first summer internship (2 credits)
      • HIST 2214 - History of the National Park Service (3 credits)
      • HIST 2215 - Imperiled Promise: An Introduction to Heritage Interpretation in the National Park Service (3 credits)
      • CJ 3701 - Land Management and Federal Law Enforcement (3 credits)
      • PRAN 3002- Leadership and Communication in Law Enforcement for ProRangers (3 credits)
    • Completing a summer internship at a national park.
    • Attending all required activities which may be scheduled on weekends and during winter and spring breaks.
    • Achieving physical fitness standards by required deadlines.
    • Attending Temple University's federally accredited seasonal law enforcement training program, located at the Ambler Campus.

    While the primary duties of the ProRanger graduates are protecting people and property, ProRanger Philadelphia interns do not have to be criminal justice majors, and students from any academic major or background may apply. More importantly, a ProRanger candidate will have an aptitude for working with people with diverse backgrounds, have an interest in the outdoors, history and the environment, and have a high standard of ethical behavior.

    Program Timeline

    Students generally will be selected as juniors in the fall and will begin coursework in the spring. Courses may be offered in alternating in odd and even years. Students interested in the program are advised to begin taking coursework prior to acceptance into the program in order to ensure requirements can be completed. Interested students who do not believe they can complete the academic requirements should contact Adrian Fernandez or Vicki McGarvey to determine if an individual plan can be created.

    Proposed schedule of classes for the ProRanger Program






    Year 1

    • Selected into program

    • PRAN3001 - Professional Preparation Seminar for the ProRanger (1 cr)

    • HIST 2214** - History of the National Park Service (3 cr)

    • Summer Internship
      (not for credit)

    • Introduction to ProRanger Program
      (PRAN1577) (2 cr)


    Year 2

    • CJ3701* Land Management and Federal Law Enforcement (3 cr)

    • HIST 2215** Imperiled Promise: An Introduction to Heritage Interpretation in the National Park Service
      (3 cr)




    • PRAN 3002*- Leadership and Communication in Law Enforcement for ProRangers (3 cr)

    • Graduate from Temple

    • Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program (non-credit)





    Total Credits


    ** these two courses will be offered in alternating spring semesters

    Supplementary Program Preparation:

    The following courses and experiences are not required of program participants but have been recommended by alumni of the ProRanger program as helpful preparation for a career as a Ranger:

    Skills and Fitness
    • Adventure Climbing (KINS 1003)
    • Aikido I & II (KINS 1005 and 1006)
    • Backpacking & Camping (KINS 1009)
    • Tae Kwon Do I (KINS 1052)
    • Walking/Jogging/Running (KINS 1058)
    • Weight Training I (KINS 1062)

    Academic Preparation
    • Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ 1001)
    • Introduction to Criminal Law (CJ 2501)
    • Criminal Procedure: Police Phase (CJ 3501)
    • Criminal Procedure: Prosecution & Adjudication (CJ 3502)
    • Geology of the National Parks (EES 0854)

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification

    Application Procedure

    If you have questions about the process or the Timeline please contact Adrian Fernandez, NPS Program Manager ( for more information.

    ProRanger Interns at leadership camp, doing a teamwork exercise

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