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See which parks have hosted our ProRangers in the past. You can also see which parks have picked up a ProRanger Alum for their staff.

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What is the ProRanger Program?

The ProRanger Philadelphia Program is an academic and technical skills training and internship program that is cooperatively administered by the National Park Service and Temple University. The program was established to recruit, train and employ law enforcement park rangers for the National Park Service. National Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers are sworn, commissioned law enforcement officers whose duties include detection, investigation and apprehension of persons responsible for criminal activity as well as protecting parks' natural and cultural resources, educating the public and providing public safety services.

After successfully graduating from Temple University and meeting all program requirements and program standards, ProRangers are eligible for non-competitive conversion to a position as a Law Enforcement Ranger within the National Park Service. Students must apply for positions and be selected under the applicable hiring authority. There is no guarantee that a position will be obtained; however, it may be noted that all previous students who have successfully completed the program have obtained employment within the National Park Service.

Selected ProRangers will become part of an experiential learning cohort of 12 to 20 trainees. The program consists of the following elements:

  • Completing of the Certificate in National Park Service Management, six course (15 credit) academic certificate program as part of the Temple University bachelor's degree
  • Completing two summer internships at parks (housing & stipend provided)
  • Graduating from Temple University's federally accredited seasonal law enforcement training program (tuition & stipend provided)
  • Participation in monthly programs and activities
  • Adherence to all NPS medical and physical fitness standards and program performance and conduct standards