On-Campus Recruitment

Many of the companies who will attend our Career Fairs come back to campus to conduct interviews.

Our Recruiting Schedule will be available through the OwlNetwork later this summer.

Interview Schedules

Once you log into your account, click on "On Campus Interviews" to view the companies interviewing on campus. If interested and you qualify after reading the job description, scroll down to the bottom of the page to apply. The system notifies you if you have been selected to interview. The system will also guide you through the application process. If you apply for this position and are selected to interview you must sign up for an interview time. Typical interviews are held for 30 minutes, some employers request 45-60 minute interviews.

On Campus Recruiting Policies
Student Responsibility
Eligibility Policy

On Campus Recruiting (OCR), your link to employers interviewing on campus for internships and full-time professional jobs. All Temple University undergraduates are eligible to participate in on campus recruitment activities. Some opportunities are available to juniors and seniors based on employer requirement.

Temple University undergraduates can submit resumes to employers through their Owlnetwork account. Many employers project a certain number of hires for the current year and will come to campus during the Fall or Spring semester. It is important to be aware of application deadlines so you do not miss any On Campus Recruitment activities.

First time users: Complete your profile and upload a resume on the OwlNetwork. Career Coaches on the Career Development team offer resume assistance on a walk-in basis, Monday thru Friday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, 220 Mitten Hall or you can click here to schedule a 30 minute appointment with a Career Coach through the OwlNetwork.

No Show Policy

If You Miss an Interview

Missed interviews will not be tolerated. If you miss an on campus interview, the following procedures must be followed:

The Second Missed Interview

Cancellation Policy

Students can cancel an interview directly through the OwlNetwork. A student who cancels the day of an interview must write a letter of apology to the company recruiter with a copy to the Career Center. For questions, please contact Erin Lemons at 215-204-7981.

Information Sessions

Many employers sponsor information sessions as part of the recruitment process. These sessions provide information about the organization, culture, career paths and opportunities. Information sessions may be held the evening before an organization's scheduled on campus interviews and are also held throughout the semester. Information Session schedules can be found in the calendar section of the Owlnetwork.

Interview Day

Arrive at the Career Center 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview. Sign-in with the receptionist; have a seat until the interviewer greets you.

Second Interviews - Second interviews (and third, fourth, etc...) are typically held off campus and arranged between the interviewer and candidate. Please notify the Career Center once you have received (and accepted) a job offer.