Networking & Business Cards

80% of jobs are never listed,meaning they are found through personal connections and networking! Thus, 80% of your job search should revolve around utilizing your current network, maintaining your network though regular communication and follow-up and exploring new networking opportunities (e.g., conferences, professional meetings, alumni events). While online job searches are important, they should only consume 20% of your job-seeking energy.

Networking Basics
Networking Tips
The Thirty-Second Spot or Elevator Pitch

This is an introduction to who you are and what you are looking for. Choose your words carefullyóthis is no time to wing it. How you represent yourself will determine if you get any further with this contact. Be short and concise, but add a specific instance to grab attention.

A strong thirty second spot shouldÖ

Business Cards

Business Card Tips

Temple students and alumni can print business cards FOR FREE at the Career Center during business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Sample Business Card

Terry A. Templeton

Temple University
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Graduation Expected: May 2013

215.222.2222 •

Informational Interviews

Informational Interviews can be used to explore career options and expand your network. You can ask people in your network for informational interviews, or you can ask for them to recommend others with whom you should speak about a career path or industry. Approach an informational interview request via e-mail, phone or mail. Be sure to indicate that you are asking the informational interviewee to provide you with 20-30 minutes of his/her time to discuss his/her experiences in his/her job or career field. Interviews are best held in person, but can also take place via the phone. E-mail should be your last resort.

Your informational interview request should:
Informational Interview Resources

Thank You Notes

A thank you note is one of the surefire ways to make yourself memorable and let someone know their time was valued after a networking meeting, function, or interview.