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Handshake is the Career Center’s NEW innovative recruitment and career management platform for Temple University students and alumni, and serves as Temple’s go-to resource for jobs, internships, events, and more!  Handshake uses cutting-edge technology to help you more easily connect with employers and source jobs and internships, event information, and On-Campus Recruiting opportunities.

This mobile career management platform intuitively connects you to relevant opportunities based on your profile, interests and search activity.  Through Handshake, you can apply for positions, explore companies and connections and sign up for career fairs and workshops all in one place. Ready to take the next step on your career journey? It all begins with Handshake!

Handshake connects students with over 200,000 employers and democratizes job and internship opportunities for students across the country. We are excited to introduce this powerful network to the Temple University community and help more employers hire Temple talent.

Temple students still have access to school-specific job and internship portals for:


Monday, April 16
  • Handshake launches for students and alumni at Temple University.
  • All active jobs in the OwlNetwork will be archived and must be posted in Handshake for students to view and apply to them.
Saturday, June 30
  • The OwlNetwork is officially closed to students and employers. If students wish to retain any documents stored on their OwlNetwork profile (resumes, cover letters, etc.) they must download those documents to their computer by this date.


Don’t just take it from us! Thousands of students across the country have been exposed to, and landed, internships and jobs they never might have seen.
“Using Handshake was a complete game changer for me. I went from being scared and confused about the entire internship searching process to having a real opportunity in less than 2 months. I had several interviews each week for about a month. It was nice knowing that I had more options than I anticipated. Handshake really made it easy.”

– Caitlin M. Dingler, University of South Carolina

“The platform is very powerful when it comes to searching by keywords and filtering. I can sort job postings by relevance or date posted which is essential. I love the tailored homepage interface, which suggests relevant jobs/internships based on my profile and interests. I am currently looking to shift my career and Handshake has been my most valuable resource.”

– Ahmed Abdou, Columbia University

For more information about Handshake, employers and students can visit joinhandshake.com


To ensure you experience a seamless transition from the OwlNetwork to Handshake, please read the steps to take to prepare.


Students and active alumni users will receive an invitation to join Handshake on April 16th. Please consider downloading the items below from the OwlNetwork for your records. These items will NOT be transitioned over to Handshake. OwlNetwork will be officially shutdown on June 30th, so you will have until then to take these steps.

  1. Professional Documents - Resumes, Cover Letters, and Other
    We recommend downloading any copies of your resume, cover letter or other documents you have stored in the OwlNetwork. To do this, go to the “Documents” menu. Under the drop down, select “Approved”.
  2. Job/Internship Application History
    If you would like to have a record of the positions and employers where you applied for jobs or internships through OwlNetwork, we recommend taking a screen shot OR use Microsoft Excel to create a list of the positions and dates you applied. To do this, go to the “Jobs/Internships” menu. Under the drop down, select “My OwlNetwork Job/Internship Applications.”
  3. Favorite Employers
    If you favorited any employers in the OwlNetwork, you can go to the “Employers” menu. Under the drop down, select “Favorite Employers”. You can select the employer and hit “Batch Options” and save as Excel.
If you have any questions about the transition, please contact Shannon Conklin at shannon.conklin@temple.edu or Sam Moore at smoore@temple.edu.


Employers will receive an invitation to access the system on Monday, March 19. Students will gain access to Handshake on Monday, April 16. On April 16, all active OwlNetwork jobs will be archived, and employers will be directed to post their jobs in Handshake.

We recommend the following steps:

  1. OwlNetwork: Download old job descriptions, listings, and resumes of students who have applied to your job postings. You will have until June 30, 2018 to do so, but we encourage all of our contacts to take these steps as soon as they can.
  2. Handshake: Connect with Temple University in Handshake beginning March 19th. We will be visible on the list of schools at that time. If you would like an invitation or do not receive one as part of our launch, please contact our Employer Partnerships team.

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition, Please contact a member of the Employer Partnerships team with any questions at 215-204-7981.






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