TUIP – Temple University Internship Program

The Temple University Internship Program (TUIP) provides paid, meaningful experiential opportunities through on-campus internships. TUIP has carefully designed requirements to ensure that the internships relate to the students' area of study. Internships will range from 5 – 10 hours a week depending upon the agreement of the student and their supervisor/mentor. Faculty and Staff at Temple University can learn more about TUIP on the Faculty and Staff page. Students are NOT eligible to receive academic credit for their TUIP internships.

Reasons to Participate in TUIP

  • Participating in TUIP will give students the opportunity to work alongside Temple University staff and faculty.
  • Students will gain professional experience that can be added to their resume.
  • TUIP Internships are all located on Temple’s Main Campus.

Apply for TUIP

Students can apply for the Temple University Internship Program by completing the TUIP Student Application Form. This program is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students eligible for Federal Work Study are highly encouraged to apply. Acceptance into the program does not guarantee an internship. Students are only allowed to work in one TUIP internship at a time. The host department will interview students, and that department will determine the best candidate for the internship.

The TUIP Application Process

There are three steps to the TUIP application process:

  1. Complete and submit the TUIP Student Application Form by the semester deadline. A Career Center representative will review the application and inform students of their acceptance via e-mail.
  2. After students receive notification of their acceptance to the program, they will be sent information about available internships and how to apply for the position in Handshake.
  3. Students will be contacted directly by internship supervisors to schedule an interview.

Timeline For Fall 2020 TUIP

  • November 19 - December 2: Student Application Period to participate in TUIP
  • December 9 - January 5: Student Application period for internships in Handshake
  • January 6 - January 28: Departments interview and select students
  • February 1: First week of the internship
  • Responsibilities after Accepting a TUIP Internship

    Students who have accepted a TUIP internship are responsible for:

    1. Connecting with the internship supervisor/mentor about expectations and assignments related to the internship.
    2. Adhering to the schedule, responsibilities, and goals established by the student and the supervisor/mentor.
    3. Completing the Final Evaluation and Short Essay Form reflecting on the TUIP experience.

    Consecutive TUIP Internships

    • TUIP internships are not automatically continued from one semester to the next.
    • Students may check with their supervisor and Student Financial Services (SFS) on their eligibility for additional semesters.

    If you have any questions or need additional information about TUIP please feel free to reach out to Sammy Munsch at






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