Internships are an increasingly important part of the college experience. According to the NACE Job Outlook Survey, more than 70% of employers prefer to hire candidates with relevant work experience, and a majority of employers prefer that experience to come through an internship or co-op. As a student, an internship gives you the opportunity to build valuable skills and capitalize on your classroom learning. To get started on your internship search:

  • Assess yourself: Check out pages 4-6 of our Career Guide to reflect on your interests and goals. If you’d like to go deeper in assessment, check out our FOCUS 2 tool, or speak with a coach about additional assessments.
  • Prepare yourself: Begin to craft a resume that accurately conveys your unique skills and qualities. Great resumes are highly specific to your experiences and focus on results. Consult our Career Guide for a wide variety of samples. Visit the Career Center during our drop-in hours or make an appointment to have your resume reviewed.
  • Create a game plan: Research is one of the most important parts of an internship search. Use our resources to discover current postings and research potential new employers. The goal of research is to tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your best fit for an individual position. Here's a sample game plan for finding opportunities:
  • Consult Career Center resources such as Handshake, Career Shift, and LinkedIn to identify 5-10 organizations that meet your criteria. Research the mission, services, and potential opportunities at these organizations.
  • If there are no current internship opportunities posted, work with a career coach to develop talking points for reaching out to new contacts or alumni at these organizations to gather details.
  • Develop a tailored resume and cover letter that positions you as the best fit for the opportunity. Get it reviewed by a career coach and other trusted advisors.
  • Apply for the opportunity in a timely fashion and practice for an interview. Mock interviews are available with career coaches and through our InterviewStream tool.

For information and guidance with your internship search, please contact Samantha Munsch - Assistant Director of Internships and Experiential Education - at 215-204-4938 or by email at

Temple University Internship Program (TUIP)

The Temple University Internship Program (TUIP) provides paid, meaningful experiential opportunities through on-campus internships. TUIP has been created to assist Temple departments with developing professional development opportunities for students. The internships in this program have carefully designed requirements to ensure TUIP internships relate to a student’s area of study and/or career interests.

Requirements for an Office/Department to Participate in the TUIP

  • In order for a department to participate in the TUIP, that department must complete the TUIP Intern Request Form.
  • The experience must have specific goals and objectives for the internship, including an opportunity to contribute to a significant portion of a project.
  • The student's internship must connect to the student's area of study or their career interests.
  • Supervisors/mentors must share constructive bi-weekly feedback with the intern on their performance.
  • The student will fill out an end-of-semester evaluation which will include a short essay reflecting on their TUIP experience.

TUIP Hiring Process

  • TUIP Internship supervisors/mentors will post their internships in TALEO.
  • TUIP supervisors will manage the interview process by select students to interview, scheduling interviews, and extending the internship offer.
  • After selecting the best candidate, the intern's payroll information will also need to be entered into the TALEO system, managed by Human Resources.

More information to come! If you are interested in learning more about TUIP please contact Sammy Munsch at






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