University Internship Program

Established by the Provost's Office in 2009, the University Internship Program provides paid, professional internship opportunities on campus for Temple students. The Program was created to increase professional development opportunities for students and sustenance to participating offices/departments.

The Program has carefully designed requirements to ensure University Internships are professional and relate to a student's area of study and/or career interests. University Internships are branded and promoted by the University Career Center through targeted marketing to all Temple students.

Please contact Linda Lawton, associate director, Career Center, with questions regarding the University Internship Program.

How is the University Internship funded?

There are three ways an office/department can fund a University Internship:

  1. If the office/department has full funding for a University Internship, then the office/department only needs to meet the Program requirements.

  2. If the office/department has limited funding, then the office/department may request supplemental funding from the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies (SVPUS). The following will apply:
    • The office/department must hire a student who is eligible to receive federal work study funding.
    • Federal work study awards will be increased, as possible, to cover most of the university internship. Reminder — federal work study funding covers 75% of salary.
    • The funding portion not covered by federal work study will be funded out of the office/department budget.
    • At the end of the semester, offices/departments will be reimbursed (via JET) 50% of the cost of the university internship, up to $400 per intern, per semester.
  3. If the office/department has limited funding, then the office/department may request supplemental funding from the Office of International Affairs (OIA). The following will apply:
    • The office/department must hire an international student.
    • At the end of the semester, the office/department will be reimbursed (via JET) up to $900 per office/department, per semester. Any cost that exceeds $900 will be funded out of the office/department budget.
What are the requirements for an office/department to participate in the University Internship Program?
How do offices/departments apply for a University Internship position?

Offices/departments complete the University Internship Request Form available on the Career Center website. There are a limited number of funded opportunities, if an office/department requests funding for more than one Intern, they may be asked to prioritize their requests.

How are University Internships advertised to students?

Approved University Internships are entered into the OwlNetwork, the Career Center's university-wide internship and job posting system, and then marketed collectively to all Temple students. Sample marketing venues include email, social media, and plasma screen displays. Students are directed to apply through the OwlNetwork and resumes are sent to the University Internship supervisors.

What about interviewing and hiring University Interns?

University Internship supervisors select students to interview and make the internship offer. In order to receive supplemental funding from the SVPUS, offices/departments must hire students who receive work study funding. In order to receive OIA funding, offices/departments must hire international students.

If students would like to receive academic credit for their internship, the students work with their academic department to determine credit options. In the past, students have received credit through existing internship, experiential learning or independent student courses offered in individual schools/colleges. Academic credit is not required.

Once offices/departments have selected the students they wish to hire as University Interns, supervisors complete the University Intern Hiring Summary Form and submit it, along with the student's resume, to the Career Center. Interns will also need to be entered into the I-Greentree system, managed by Human Resources, to get on payroll.

Can University Internships be continued for more than one semester?

University Internships are not automatically continued from one semester to the next. Offices/departments must apply each semester.

In order to provide the maximum number of opportunities for students, funding for the same Intern may not continue from one semester to the next. First time applicants will be given priority.

What is the timeline for the Fall 2013 University Internship Program?