General Recruiting Policies

Thank you for your interest in Temple talent! Please review the general guidelines below in regard to recruiting at Temple University. If you have any questions please contact a member of the Employer Partnership Team at 215-204-7981.

Expectations of Employers

Employing organizations that recruit Temple students are expected to follow the Principles for Professional Practice for Employment Professionals established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.


Students who believe an employer has not acted in accordance with professional standards in the job search process are asked to please contact us to discuss the matter.

Expectations of Students

Career Services expects students who are conducting a job search — whether for an internship, a cooperative education position, or a full time position — to conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner.


Employers who believe a student has not acted in accordance with these expectations are asked to please contact us.

Temple University Career Center provides equitable access to employers and welcomes a diverse variety of opportunities to reflect the community we serve. As an academic institution, we strongly encourage students to research information and options in order to make informed employment choices.