On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

Temple University Career Center provides complimentary access to our Recruitment Suite where you can interview Temple students and alumni. We strongly encourage you to conduct on-campus interviews through the Career Center to maximize the success of your program. Our team is committed to providing a seamless experience for both our employers and students.

Get Started

Fall full-time and internship on-campus interviews begin February 12, 2018 and end April 20, 2018. Through the OwlNetwork you can request dates, list your opportunities, and manage applicants.
Please see our Recruiting Deadlines Calendar prior to reserving dates. If you need dates outside the formal time period, please contact Employer Partnerships at recruit@temple.edu. To make a request:

  • Log in to the OwlNetwork (create an account for new employers)
  • Click on Request New OCI Schedule
  • Complete the request form

OCI Schedule Selection

There are two ways to set up your schedule:

  • Preselect to Alternate
    This is the most commonly used OCI schedule. Students apply via the OwlNetwork and employers receive a bundle of resumes after the deadline closes. When making selections, employers determine whether a student is "invited," "not invited," or listed as "alternate". Students are notified automatically via the system and sign up for interviews. Alternate students will have the opportunity to sign up for a timeslot on an employer's schedule if a preselected student declines to do so. In short, we build the schedule once the employer selects the students.
  • Open
    This option allows any student, regardless of the screening criteria, to directly sign up for available time slots.
  • None - Room Reservation Only
    This option reserves a room for interviews. This option does NOT send resumes to employers and would require that they have pipelined applicants either through ATS, campus events, or other methods. This schedule requires employers to manually build a schedule and the Career Center facilitates the space.

While On-Campus Interviews are a great way to connect with students we also recommend you take a look at how to help Build Your Brand at Temple. The more touchpoints an employer has with our students the larger pool of applications they will see.

All interviews take place in the Temple University Career Center Recruitment Suite - 1913 N. Broad Street, 220 Mitten Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19122. Parking is available in the Liacouras Garage – 1710 N. 15th Street between Montgomery and Cecil B. Moore Avenues. Click Here to view a map of Temple's campus »






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