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Temple graduates will energize and advance your organization. Whether it's their relentless work ethic, critical thinking or industry expertise, our students bring uncommon drive to the workplace. With real-world preparation and experience, Temple students are inventive and take charge to succeed.

The Employer Partnerships Team at the Temple University Career Center is dedicated to seamlessly facilitating your engagement within the Temple community for acquiring talent, increasing brand recognition, and talent pipelining. We have expanded our team, launched the new Symplicity platform, and redirected our engagement with students to maximize your visibility on campus. It is our greatest pleasure to connect you to the right people and resources at Temple to ensure your success.

To find out more about hiring our students and graduates, contact the Employer Partnerships Team at 215-204-7981.

Check out the Events & Workshops page for a list of all Career Events for employers here at Temple University.

How to Engage With Temple Talent

We want to maximize your time on campus, so that you get to know the full range of Temple's student population. With that in mind, consider one or more of the following opportunities to engage, or visit our Building Your Brand page. Have an idea not listed? Let us know — we'd love to hear it and try to make it happen!

Temple students are drawn to organizations with a strong brand and word of mouth among their peers. Not sure how your brand stacks up? Contact our Director of Employer Partnerships at (215) 204-7981 to discuss your ideas further.

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