The Portfolio

As Temple's leader for academic excellence, the Provost supports a portfolio that extends across the University's 17 schools and colleges and encompasses 12 administrative offices. The Provost's senior staff provides leadership to a wide range of administrative offices, while the Council of Deans lead academic initiatives in the schools, colleges and divisions.

  • Academic Affairs, Assessment & Institutional Research

    Accreditation, program review, and assessment are vital to ensuring that academic programs across Temple's campus support the mission, vision, and values of the institution. The office oversees each process and serves, additionally, as a clearinghouse for data and research.

    Sullivan Hall
    Garden Level, G13

    (215) 204-8873

  • Information Technology Services

    As a national leader in the use of technology in higher education, Temple relies on Information Technology Services to provide technology solutions and infrastructure to its students, faculty and staff. Information Technology Services operates and supports all of the university's internal applications and technology systems, its web infrastructure, hundreds of academic and administrative systems, and the Help Desk.

    The TECH Center
    Room 106

    (215) 204-7077

  • Deputy Provost

    As the senior provost staff officer, the deputy provost and chief of staff coordinates planning and executes projects that are inter-collegial and inter-divisional in scope and nature. The deputy provost is responsible for coordinating provost portfolio activities and implementing special projects designated by the provost.

    Sullivan Hall
    Garden Level G11

    (215) 204-8930

  • Enrollment Management

    Temple's commitment to recruiting and retaining top students locally and globally is supported by the office of Enrollment Management which is committed to ensuring a positive student and family experience.

    Sullivan Hall
    Garden Level

    (215) 204-4133

  • Faculty Affairs

    Faculty are the lifeblood of academics at Temple. Overseeing recruitment and hiring, reappointment, tenure and promotion, leaves, sabbaticals, awards, and retirement, the office of Faculty Affairs provides a holistic approach to faculty life and academic programming in order to best facilitate strong academic leadership in the classroom.

    350 Carnell Hall

    (215) 204-3745

  • Finance & Administration

    The Finance & Administration unit provides oversight and management of fiscal, administrative, personnel and space matters within the schools and colleges.

    Sullivan Hall
    Garden Level, G16

    (215) 204-0564

  • Graduate Education

    From admission to graduation — and everything in between — the office of Graduate Education oversees the many facets of Temple's top-notch graduate programs. Its many areas of focus include degree conferral, funding, policies and procedures, and degree requirements.

    501 Carnell Hall

    (215) 204-6578

  • International Campuses

    Temple's overseas campuses provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with an opportunity to earn course credits in a variety of disciplines, while experiencing life in a foreign culture, and faculty with the opportunity to teach and cultivate research interest abroad.

    Temple University Japan

    Temple University Rome

  • Libraries & Press

    Temple's rich library system serves as an educational crossroads. Connecting people to a vast array of collections and technology systems, the libraries facilitate teaching, learning, and research success. Temple University Press, the academic publishing arm of the university, acts as a representative of such success worldwide.

    M140 Paley Library

    (215) 204-8231

  • Strategic Communications

    Working to promote the vision of the university's strategic goals and initiatives, the office leads communications for the provost's portfolio and directs selected university initiatives of the provost.

    Sullivan Hall
    Gardel Level, G25

    (215) 204-8660

  • Student Affairs

    The student experience at Temple is designed for learning both in and out of the classroom. Overseeing student co-curricular offices, programs and services, the office of Student Affairs promotes a rich collegiate experience in support of the university's overarching educational mission.

    402 Conwell Hall

    (215) 204-6556

  • Undergraduate Studies

    The student academic experience begins with the office of Undergraduate Studies. The office works alongside schools and colleges across campus to develop and implement university-wide academic programs that launch academic success.

    501 Conwell Hall

    (215) 204-2044

  • University College

    Assuring the quality, effectiveness, and staffing of academic programs and courses, University College works to ensure that all academics at Temple — whether on campus or off — promote success at all levels.

    Sullivan Hall
    Garden Level, G15

    (215) 204-8873