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Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program of Temple University School of Pharmacy

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Tuition and Fees (Rates Effective Aug 1, 2015)

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Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program
Tuition for all RAQA graduate courses is as follows as of August 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016. (Tuition is the same for online or traditional classroom courses or any courses taken as part of a certificate program. Our tuition rates have remained unchanged since 2012.):


for Pennsylvania residents
(for a three credit course)


for non-residents
(for a three credit course)

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In addition, all students, regardless of location, are assessed a University Services Fee based on the number of credits taken:

1 - 4.9 credits


5 - 8.9 credits


9+ credits $395.00
Late Payment Fee $100.00
Late Registration Fee $100.00
University Services Fees Summer Rates Only (late fees remain the same)
1 - 4 credits $91.00
5 - 8 credits $155.00

9+ credits



The University Services Fee defrays the enormous cost of providing computer services to all Temple students, regardless of location.   It covers:

         purchasing online licenses (Adobe Connect and WebEx) for students;

         providing 24-hour computer service to students through Temple's HELP line (215.204.8000);

         providing computer access to Temple's library, including online access to many required textbooks;

         maintaining the TUid system which eliminates the use of social security numbers thereby enhancing security against ID theft;

         providing free Temple e-mail (TUmail) to students;

       purchasing the latest remote technology for RAQA courses and providing free videoconferencing to corporate sites.  

The University’s fee is pro-rated which means it is based on the number of credits a student takes each semester.  This assures that part-time students do not carry an undue share of the cost.  Other schools charge students $1,000+ each semester for similar services.

Please register early to guarantee your spot in a class. Sorry, but if you register after the official registration period, you will incur a $100 late fee.   In addition, if you do not pay your tuition bill by the due date, the University will also impose a $100 late payment fee. 

Each semester the RAQA Office posts approximate tuition bill dates on the Official Course Schedule. You are responsible for reading this information and complying with the procedures, which includes checking your TUmail account for tuition bills. Please register in a timely manner and pay your bill by the due date to avoid any penalties.

International students may also be responsible for paying additional fees, including a $100 International Student Fee plus a medex fee ($66.00). Please contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Services for additional information.

For additional information on Temple tuition and other helpful hints on managing finances while in school, please see the Temple Bursar's homepage, Money Matters.

Questions? Call 267.468.8560.


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