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Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program of Temple University School of Pharmacy

Non-Thesis MS and Certificate Programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most vibrant business sectors in the Delaware Valley, employing more than 35,000 in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceutical, devices, and biotechnology products. There is a pressing need for skilled, technically-trained professionals with post-graduate science degrees.

Temple University’s non-thesis master’s degree and certificate program are specifically designed to educate pharmacists, bench scientists, and lab technicians in the highly dynamic arena of the pharmaceutical sciences.  It is ideal for industry employees with a bachelor of science who seek graduate or post-graduate training to expand career opportunities.

The courses draw upon the School’s world-renowned MS program in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance (RAQA), offering students a well orchestrated balance between the pharmaceutical sciences and the industry’s regulatory milieu.  The courses help promising professionals to advance within their current positions by learning advanced pharmaceutical sciences, helping them make valuable contributions to all phases of their companies’ projects while being cognizant of regulatory requirements.

Courses are taught by graduate faculty from Temple University’s School of Pharmacy or industry experts in discovery and development, Regulatory Affairs, manufacturing, and validation.

Program Advantages
Students may:

Students who plan to start the program as a non-matric must complete two of the four required courses before formally applying to the program:

Admission to the Non-Thesis Master of Science in Pharmaceutics
Students must:

Certificate Program

Applicants seeking the four course (12 credits) certificate program must complete the following courses within three years:

After completing the certificate, students may count all of the courses towards the non-thesis MS in Pharmaceutics, provided they meet the requirements for admission.

The Certificate is called, “Certificate in Pharmaceutics.”

To download the Certificate Application, click here.

Please remember to include photocopies of all college transcripts (including Temple U) and the Notice of Completion.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses for the MS in Pharmaceutics:

Elective Courses for the MS and Certificate in Pharmaceutics:

*Only these RAQA courses count as electives towards the Non-Thesis MS program.

For the most current schedule of classes, click here.

Please note: many instructors in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program are professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Courses are rotated each semester. If there is a particular requirement or elective that you want to take, we urge you to take it when you see it scheduled. Please do not assume that every course is offered fall, spring, and summer. Courses are scheduled according to faculty availability and student survey requests.

For further information about the programs, please contact:

RAQA Graduate Program - for flyers about the program (

Almira Cutler, Administrative Assistant
Office of Graduate Studies

Sophon Din, Administrative Assistant (Coordinates Applications)
Graduate Admissions

Daniel J. Canney, PhD, Director of Graduate Studies

Michael Borenstein, PhD, Senior Associate Dean

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