Financing Your Graduate Education

Do you want to return to school but you're worried about the financial commitment?  Are you wondering how you will pay for tuition, especially with the economy in flux?

Pursuing graduate education is an investment in yourself and your future. 
Considering the depreciation of cars, electronics, and other consumer goods, one of the best investments you can make is in pursuing an advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.  Temple University’s QA/RA program has an international reputation and is the leader in the field. 

By obtaining a master’s degree in QA/RA from Temple, a top-ranking insitution in the field, you are expanding your knowledge of the industry and enhancing your credentials. Unlike a cell phone that might stop working in two years, the graduate degree you earn will stay with you the rest of your life.  Plus critical thinking skills you acquire along the way will serve you every day, by preparing you to analyze the validity of arguments.

How do you juggle the finances of returning to school, when tuition bills are due at the beginning of the semester and often company reimbursement is paid after final grades are submitted? 

Review Your Company’s Policies.

Whether your company provides 100% tuition reimbursement, 50%, a fixed amount over the year, or tuition reimbursement based on your final grade, it is a great benefit and gift from your employer.  Let your HR department know how much you appreciate this benefit and explain how your graduate courses have helped you to perform better in your job.  Good feedback usually brings positive results. 

Review your course choice with your supervisor, selecting a curriculum that will enhance your performance in your current position.  When you have finished a course, take the time to explain the skills and knowledge you acquired.  Everyone likes a good investment. 

Obtain Financial Aid through the University:  
Temple offers Financial Aid to graduate students, allowing you to take advantage of low-interest loans.  However, you must take a minimum of two courses per semester to be eligible.  For further information, explore Temple’s Financial Aid website at . Then call Rozina McFadden at 215.707.4448 or email  Ms. McFadden handles the Financial Aid requests for School of Pharmacy students. The form you will need for applying for Financial Aid is here.

Familiarize yourself with Temple billing policies:
Temple’s Easy Payment Plan applies when you register early. This enables you to split your bill into two (sometimes three) payments.  Each time you use the Easy Payment Plan, you will be billed an $11 convenience fee, but many students find this is far cheaper than paying tuition with a credit card.  If you register late, Temple charges a $50 late fee and will also ask for your tuition payment within a week.  Registering early not only saves your spot in a class but offers more options for paying your tuition bill.  The Easy Payment Plan is only available in the fall and spring semesters.

When you pay your bill by check, there is no fee.  Paying your bill with a credit card incurs a convenience fee of 2.75% of the bill.  We recommend you send tuition checks directly to the Bursar’s Office at Temple University Ambler, 580 Meetinghouse Road, Ambler, PA 19002.  Make sure you include your TUid on the check. 

Pay your bill by the designated due date to avoid late fees and other penalties.

Still have questions about financing your return to school?
Contact the QA/RA Office at 267.468.8560 or, and we’ll be glad to help.  If you're a new student and are having trouble making your initial payment, please let us know.