Fall 2014
Schedule Notes

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We are now accepting registration forms for the Fall 2014 semester.

To hold your spot in a class, please submit a registration form and all required paperwork to the QA/RA Office via email (qarareg@temple.edu) or fax (267.468.8565). 

Make sure you submit the correct registration form.  The forms are different for traditional classroom courses at Fort Washington (or Frazer or Tarrytown) and for online Adobe Connect courses.    

Please make sure your also include the following:

  • All continuing students must include your 9-digit TUid and TU email on your registration form.
  • All new students are required to submit a state residency form.  (Sorry, but we cannot hold your spot in a course without this essential document.) 
  • All new students taking Adobe Connect courses must include a signed resume, photocopies of  transcripts of any college or university attended, and a current, electronic (email) photograph of themselves. 
  • New international students must also submit a photocopy of a WES report and TOEFL scores.

Within one week of submitting your materials, you should receive an email confirmation that your registration was received.   

We will process registration forms during the first week of September.  At that point, you will receive a second email stating that you are officially registered for class.

We process registrations in September so that your tuition bills are due in mid-October rather than the end of August.  Please be aware that tuition will be due on October 15.  If your payment is late, you will incur a $60 late fee.

 All registration forms are processed in the order that they are received.  It makes sense to forward your form early to ensure that you get the class that you want.  However, if there are any financial or academic holds on your Temple account, we cannot process your registration, and you will lose your spot in line.  Please take care of any holds now.

Before registering for an online Adobe Connect course, please make sure you read Expectations of Online Students, which spells out requirements such as webcams, headsets with microphones, administrative rights to your computer, hardwire connections, and so forth.

All QA/RA courses, whether traditional classroom or online, require at least one proctored exam. Students are expected to take exams on the date designated on the QA/RA Schedule of classes. Make sure you are able to attend classes and take the proctored exam on the stipulated date. There is a $20.00 charge for any student who requests a change in the proctored exam date. For more information on Proctoring and Fees for Changing Exam Dates, click here.

Some online courses also use online proctoring (Software Secure), which is noted on the schedule and registration form.  You must have administrative rights to your computer to use this program.

This schedule is subject to change. Please make sure you refresh your Browser (particularly if you use Netscape or Internet Explorer) to ensure you always have the latest version of our schedule.

We try to list required textbooks for courses, but are still confirming information with instructors.  The QA/RA Office is not responsible textbooks or editions of textbooks are changed by instructors. The QA/RA Office is also not responsible for any shipping charges incurred by students when courses are cancelled or when students decide to drop a course. Texts may be ordered from the Temple University Ambler Bookstore, which will ship them directly to you.

Welcome to the Fall 2014 Semester!

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