Fall 2014
Schedule Notes

Order texts on-line via
Temple U Ambler Bookstore
Or, phone: 267.468.8460

Registration and drop/add for the Fall 2014 semester are now closed.

Our next semester will be Spring 2015 (which starts in January).

We are planning the schedule now. If there is a course you'd like to see offered, please email qara@temple.edu with your request. The sooner you let us know, the more likely we are to schedule the course.

We will also be circulating a survey about course choices for spring 2015. Please make sure you complete it as soon as you receive it, since we use the results to create our spring course schedule.  

Good luck with your studies this fall, and we look forward to see you in the Spring 2015 semester.

Fall 2014 QA/RA Schedule (All courses at all sites)

Fall 2014 Ft Washington Schedule (Traditional Classroom Courses Only)

Fall 2014 Non-Thesis MS in Pharmaceutics Schedule

Fall 2014 Frazer, PA, Schedule

Online Courses for Fall

Tarrytown, NY Schedule

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Registration Form for Online Courses

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