Fall 2012
Schedule Notes

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Tuition bills will be generated approximately ten days after registrations are processed. Tuition bills will be due by October 14th. You are responsible for checking your TUmail account and Banner for tuition statements. Please pay your tuition bill by the due date, so you do not incur late fees. Late fees cannot be waived or deleted. Again, tuition bills will be due Oct 14th.

If you use Netscape, please make sure you hit Refresh, so you can obtain the most current version of the QA/RA schedule. Once you open a web page with Netscape, that program will reopen that original page, rather than displaying updates. You must hit Refresh to get updates. This is a glitch with Netscape, not the QA/RA homepage. Please use Internet Explorer to avoid this problem.

All new students must obtain a Temple email (TUmail) to access Banner, which includes services such as on-line registration, bill and payment information, grades, and transcripts. You may forward your TUmail account to your work or home email.


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Fall 2012 QA/RA Schedule

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Fall 2012 Non-Thesis Schedule

Fall 2012 Frazer, PA, Schedule

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