The QA/RA faculty are industry experts with extensive hands-on experience in legal, regulatory, quality, manufacturing, and compliance activities at virtually every major pharmaceutical company in the US. While other programs draw faculty from a limited number of companies, Temple's QA/RA students enjoy the breadth and experience of over one hundred top professionals representing companies from the East Coast's pharmaceutical corridor. Our classes remain small to foster discussion between the faculty and students, so they can share real-life experiences in industry and FDA, making the courses highly practical and applicable. Helpful, accessible, and interested in their studentsí development, our faculty always try to accommodate the busy professional and often demanding travel schedules of their students.

Here are some of the teachers who offer courses in QA/RA:

Dennis Ahern   Reza Fassihi   Gail Pilgrim Ross
Marcia Arentz   Andrew Fletcher   Cynthia Phillips
Craig M. Audet   Richard Forsyth   Preeti Pinto
Steven W. Bass   Rick Friedman   Teresa Preziosi
Jessica Beaver   Charlene Gallagher   Larry Puderbach
Debra J. Bennett   Patrick Genyn   George Pyramides
Barry Berger   Alexander Giaquinto   Robert Raffa
Richard Bigg   Jane E. Goeke   Mirza Rahman
Brian Bollwage   Craig E. Hammes   Dominique Reigle
Michael R. Borenstein   Douglas S. Hisey   Kathy Roberts
Evan Boswell   Steve Kahn   Tom Rosica
Linda Bowen   Ira Katz   Kenneth P. Rothfeld
Randall Brenner   Michael Kaufer   Paul Savidge
Daniel J. Canney   Stephen Klincewicz   John Schalago
Dan Casaburi   Christopher C. Kowtna   Thomas Schultz
Stephen J. Cipolla   James J. Krupa   Alexa Smith
Andrew Clair   Wendy Lebing   Peter E. Smith
Sandra Cottrell   Janis Little   Ron Stellon
John Cullen   Michael Lusty   Frank Stevenson
Susan DeCorte   Kevin P. Malobisky   Alan Traettino
Rae Ann DeLay   Donna Marron   Adrian Thomas
Frank DeLuccia   Michael J. McGraw   Henrietta Ukwu
Robert Dettery   Kathleen Moran   Debra Weiss
Frank Diana   Debbie Pagano   Elora J. Weringer
Sean Develin   Jonathon M. Parker   Jeff Werrmann
Lionel Edwards   Tom Parry   Gary Wilson
Kris Evans   Viq Pervaaz   John Zenno
Barbara Fanelli   Jurij Petrin   Karen R. Zimm

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